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Octopress on OpenBSD

I agreed to give a talk at CapBUG on setting up and using Octopress to create a blog. Octopress uses Jekyll to let you create the pages and framework for a static website locally and then deploy the web site to a remote web server. You can find a copy of the presentation here

As Brandon Mathis’ tagline on the Octopress site says, this is “A blogging framework for hackers.” Fortunately I’d set up Octopress on Mac OS X Mountain Lion and understood how it worked. However I had never used OpenBSD or setup an OpenBSD system. So I decided to use my dilemma as a learning experience! Please don’t view this as a master class in setting up Octopress but more the public stumblings of a misguided soul! Here is what I learnt…

A Post From OpenBSD

This blog has been created using Octopress installed on an OpenBSD workstation.